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http://unigine.com/ 02.10.2010, 23:12
Unigine Corp. is an international company grown from an open source project, which was initiated in 2002. The company was established in the beginning of 2005 and since that time is focused on top-notch real-time 3D solutions. 

Unigine Corp. specializes in development of Unigine™, a cross-platform middleware for virtual 3D worlds. From the very beginning of Unigine project development it attracted attention of different companies and independent developers groups, since Unigine is always on the cutting edge of real-time 3D visualization and physics simulation technologies.

The main driving power of the company is extremely effective development team, consisted of high-skilled professionals. All team members share the same uncompromising view on the product quality, when only the highest level is acceptable for us.


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